About Subscriptions:

Top Cut Comics offers a subscription service to aid you in your shopping needs and ensure the most convenient experience possible for our customers who enjoy reading weekly comics! Beat the rush, and never worry about your favorite comic selling out again! When signing up for a subscription at Top Cut Comics, you ensure that your chosen titles will be filed into a folder with your name and subscription information as soon as we receive said titles from our distributors. But that's not all! Every customer who signs up for a subscription with us gets to choose one of our various subscription perks. Subscription perks include 10% off all subscribed comics, free bag and boards for comics, free shipping anywhere in the continental US (for comics totaling over $40), or a free children's title each week!

Technicalities from Subscription Form:

As a subscriber, you understand and agree, you will be responsible for the pickup of your comics weekly. If your file has not been picked up after a month, we will attempt to contact you via the method provided. If we cannot reach you at the number provided, we will suspend your subscription at that time. If we cannot reach you within one month of suspension, the credit card you have on file will be charged the full amount of the remaining books in your file plus any shipping costs. Upon completed transaction, the books will be shipped, and the subscription canceled. You may reinstate your subscription, at any time, once payment has been made.