D&D Icons of the Realm - Saltmarsh Box 2

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  • Within this Dungeons and Dragons collectors box, you will find some of Saltmarsh's most terrifying monsters, as well as some of its legendary heroes.
  • Excite and guide your DnD players with this collection of 7 highly detailed miniatures and start building your own legendary story today.
  • This DnD Icons of The Realms set contains: Baron Kepmak, Blademaster Makaht. High Priestess Thadrah, Krell Grohlg, Mr. Dory, Skum, Thousand Teeth the Devourer
  • Bring this pack of exciting DnD miniatures from the Dungeons and Dragons books right into your tabletop adventure
  • These DnD Icons of the Realms miniatures are pre-painted and ready for battle.

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